Advanced IP Scanner


Scan your network and interact with any connected PCs


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Advanced IP Scanner is a tool for network administrators to access information about any computers connected to their local network. You just have to enter a range of IP addresses, and the program will immediately scan the network and list all the machines connected to it.

The data provided by Advanced IP Scanner is the same as that provided by most other programs in the genre: IP address, MAC address, computer name, user name, network, etc. However, the best thing about this program isn't the amount of data it provides, but the option to interact remotely with any of the other computers in the network.

For example, you can shut down or restart other computers connected to your network, access them via FTP or Telnet, browse folders on the hard disks from the file browser, along with a whole host of other possibilities. To do all this, you must make sure that the computer you want to control has all the necessary permissions correctly set; otherwise you will not be able to access it.
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